Claudio Ranieri confident he can surpass last season’s levels of grandfatherly warmth


Welcoming attending journalists to sit on his knee and ask whatever question they want, Claudio Ranieri today expressed his confidence that he can surpass the levels of grandfatherly warmth he showed last season.

Ranieri’s Leicester City side shocked the world of football last season as they marched to Premier League glory, while the Italian meanwhile was widely praised himself for his kind and affable demeanour.

Despite success last term, many observers have questioned Ranieri’s ability to recreate that winning formula, citing the strengthened squads of Leicester’s Premier League rivals and the manager’s limited though admittedly effective repertoire of cute behaviour.

At a press conference today however, the defiant 64-year-old insisted that he can not only match but improve upon last season’s achievements.

“Last season was good and one of the most enjoyable seasons of my career. My jovial nature was very well received and for that I am pleased, but I know I can do better,” said the former Chelsea coach, adding that he remains sure that he can add more range to his benevolent and approachable Italian stereotype persona.

“There are many techniques that I can use if necessary. I usually wear a suit but if I need to, I can begin to wear a warm cardigan. Also, I can start bringing in Werther’s Originals to press conferences and hand them out to journalists. I may even start giving you advice about your lives. I am well prepared. You can always talk to me.”

At press time, Ranieri had reportedly melted the hearts of those in attendance after drifting into a sleepy stupor towards the end of the press conference.