Gary Lineker vows to go through with promise to present Match of the Day without his skin on

gary lineker

“A promise is a promise,” insisted a skinless Gary Lineker today.

Saying that he is an honourable man who sticks to his word, Gary Lineker today vowed to go through with his promise to present the first Match of the Day of the season without his skin on.

The former Leicester City striker told viewers last season that if his former club won the league he would host the show free of the epidermis which protects his body from infection.

And despite suggestions that he may back out of the arrangement, the 55-year-old today revealed that he will follow through with his pledge, and expose his flesh for the world to see.

“I was as surprised as anyone that the Foxes won the league last year, but a promise is a promise,” said Lineker, adding that while it may be embarrassing for some, he’s confident enough to reveal the various forms of tissue and cartilage that traditionally sit on the inside of one’s body. “There may be a few prudes out there who are made to feel a bit uncomfortable but it’s the 21st century and I think we can all deal with it.”

At press time, a nervous Lineker was advised by a BBC producer to imagine all the show’s viewers without their skin on in a bid to calm down.