Antonio Conte confident Chelsea squad can adapt to his brand of neuroses


“I’m the kind of man who will send a pipe bomb to your house or scream at your grandmother. Jose is more insidious,” said Conte.

Saying that he sees very few eventualities in which he unintentionally handicaps his players, Antonio Conte today insisted that he is confident that his Chelsea squad can adapt to his own brand of neuroses.

The Italian coach took over from current Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho prior to the European Championship, and has seen his temperament compared to the volatile Portuguese.

Speaking today however, the former Juventus manager hit out at comparisons between his and Mourinho’s intense paranoia and anger, insisting that he is very much his own man and will instill his squad with the particular mental frailties to which he is fully accustomed.

“I’m more of a brash man. The kind of man who will potentially send a pipe bomb to your house or scream at your grandmother. Jose meanwhile is more insidious, the type of manager who will slowly break you down over a number of years using a carefully selected set of psychological techniques. I expect the transition to be seamless,” said the 47-year-old, adding that the mere nine players reported to have suffered weeping fits was a marked improvement upon his first season at Juventus.

“Of course, there will be some new things to learn but I’m certain that any and all problems can be ironed out by a regime of near-constant fear.”

At press time, Conte had reportedly rewarded his players for improvements in training by promising not to call them at 4am while screaming down the receiver.