Arsenal struggles worth it for Arsenal Fan TV meltdowns, admits Gunners fan

arsenal fan tv

“A title would be nice, but can it match 40 or 50 guys losing it on Arsenal Fan TV?”

Saying that he had come to the decision after careful consideration over a number of months, an Arsenal today admitted that he will happily take years more of the club’s on-field struggles if it leads to more bizarre and hilarious rants on Arsenal Fan TV.

Speaking outside of the club’s Emirates Stadium, 23-year-old Mick Reynolds revealed that while he had initially hoped for a good season, he will now happily trade it all in for getting to watch the hosts and guests of the fan channel make utter fools of themselves on a weekly basis.

“Of course, success comes first for all fans. In an ideal world I would love us to make progress on the pitch. But there comes a time when you have to be realistic,” said the marketing student, adding that in recent years he has been let down by Arsene Wenger and the club’s players significantly more times than by Heavy D, Gooner Claude and Robbie. “People may say it sounds stupid, but when the club were breaking my heart over each of the last three or four seasons, who has been there to cheer me up with their bizarre and over-the-top behaviour? Exactly, Arsenal Fan TV.”

While the the thought of a title is tempting, Reynolds acknowledged, it is simply not enough to match a group of 40 or 50 grown men losing their collective cools over matters that, deep down, they cannot change in any way.

“I love the club, I really do. But if they suddenly become successful again, Arsenal Fan TV will become about 200 percent less funny,” he continued. “I’m not prepared to accept that.”