Man Utd consider including Paul Pogba in club’s marketing campaigns

paul pogba marketing campaign

“I was extremely reluctant at first – I’m a shy guy – but then I thought about it. It could be good for the club and me,” said Paul Pogba.

Saying that their idea may well be left field enough to work, Manchester United today revealed that they’re considering including new Paul Pogba in the club’s future marketing campaigns.

Pogba returned to Old Trafford during summer after a four-year spell at Juventus when the two clubs agreed a world record fee of €105m for the 23-year-old.

Speaking today, a member of the club’s marketing department admitted that while there are many details to iron out, the idea might just be crazy enough to work.

“We had never really thought about it to be honest, but then we noticed just how many people not only know Paul Pogba, but really like him. Perhaps by putting his face on advertisements we can make a little bit more money,” said Drew Kinnock, admitting that the move, a departure from the club’s generally low-key campaigns, would take some getting used to. “It’s pretty unorthodox and we’re not really sure how it’ll work but you don’t know until you try.”

“People may laugh it off and say it’s a gimmick, but this club has always tried different things, we pride ourselves on it,” he added.

Discussing the proposal, the player appeared uncertain but insisted that he’d give it a try.

“When they first suggested it to me I was extremely reluctant – I’m a shy guy – but then I thought about it. It could be good for the club and me,” said the Frenchman. “So why not?”

At press time, a receptive Pogba was reportedly considering similar promotional tactics to boost his own public profile and bring himself “out of [his] shell”.