Arsene Wenger kind of curious to see how far he can push Arsenal fans

fans arsene wenger

Wenger admitted that few things excite him as much as seeing the club’s fans vent their anger.

Excitedly rubbing his hands together after reading a series of furious tweets from his club’s supporters, Arsene Wenger today admitted that he’s kind of curious to see how far he can push Arsenal fans this season.

The French manager has been the target of much anger from the north London team’s fans in recent months, with issues -from a dearth of transfer activity leading to an inability to perform consistently – provoking intense scrutiny.

Rather than seek to appease fans however, Wenger confessed this afternoon that he’s really excited to witness just what lengths fans will go to in a bid to show their anger.

“Many people ask me how I deal with fans’ anger but, for me, this is all part of the game. The passion these people have and the ridiculous fury they show is wonderful and hilarious,” said Wenger, adding that each day he is driven by the anticipation of what his apoplectic fans will say and do next. “I adore this club and the people that support us but sometimes I make decisions purely to see how annoyed they’re going to get. They keep coming back for more, no matter what I do, it’s like their masochists.”

Discussing prominent fan groups, such as those shown regularly on popular YouTube channel Arsenal Fan TV, Wenger revealed that they add a new and interesting dimension to how he does his job.

“It’s always nice to know that people look at your work. It has changed how I approach things. Will my next choice infuriate these people? No? Then we start again. I’m always learning what makes them tick and certainly it improves me as a manager. I’m confident by the end of the season I can make these people riot,” he added. “And they’ll still keep coming back. Hilarious.”