Man who added “MUFC” to Twitter handle waits for followers to flow in


“Adding MUFC simply illustrates what a top Red I am.”

Letting out a satisfied sigh and kicking his feet up on a nearby chair, sources confirmed today that Twitter user Bill Winton was expectantly waiting for the followers to flow in after adding “MUFC” to the end of his username on the social media platform.

“For so long I’ve been wondering why I didn’t have that many followers and then it dawned on me; people don’t realise that I’m a true Red rather than a plastic. I know my stuff and this addition to my username simply confirms to other users that I am a Man Utd man and am truly worth a follow,” said the 32-year-old today, adding that he only hopes he’s able to find time for the likely deluge of followers and messages he’ll soon be receiving. “It’s only a matter of time now.”

“I am Man Utd through and through and I know more than most journalists, these four simple letters simply illustrate that. There’s a lot of crap United accounts out there and this will hopefully separate the wheat from the chaff.”

At press time, a delighted Winton had seen his follower count increase by a stunning two percent, going from 100 to 102.