Lewis Hamilton confident car will still be fast in next race

lewis hamilton

“My car is very, very fast,” admitted Lewis Hamilton.

Saying that he had seen nothing in his recent practice sessions to suggest otherwise, Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton today expressed his confidence that his car will still be fast in his next race.

Speaking ahead of his upcoming exchange against other people driving extremely fast cars, the 31-year-old cut a relaxed figure and admitted that believes his vehicle can attain “super fast” speeds.

“We’ve been working all week and the car is still really, really fast. Providing it remains really fast, which I fully expect it will, we’re in good shape,” said the Englishman, adding that on each of the last 100 occasions during which he placed his foot on the car’s accelerator, the car sped up to very fast speeds. “It’s very fast.”

Hamilton, the reigning Formula One champion, also hit back at claims that his car is in fact not fast, but slow.

“I totally reject that. This is a very fast car. It moves very quickly and I can travel at great speeds inside of it.”

At press time, the Mercedes driver accepted the difficulty he faces in winning his imminent contest, admitting that his competitors also have “very, very fast cars”.