Soul of Bill Shankly trapped inside hologram, confirm police


“He’s just running around panicked and clinging to the walls,” said one patron of the Shankly hologram.

The soul of former Liverpool manager Bill Shankly is trapped inside the hologram created by a Liverpool hotel, Merseyside police have confirmed today.

The hologram, reportedly created in a bid to cater for Liverpool fans keen on sharing a drink with their famously teetotal former coach, has been in use at the newly-opened Shankly Hotel for over a week.

However, recent reports by witnesses have revealed that the hologram’s behaviour, though initially jovial, has become worrying and in some cases frightening for bystanders.

“We can confirm that the soul of the late Bill Shankly is in fact trapped inside of this hologram,” said police chief Simon Crampton today, adding that despite being programmed to welcome guests at the hotel, the Shankly hologram now simply runs in a panicked fashion, clings to walls, and asks terrified patrons for help. “He seems very confused and afraid.”

Speaking to media outside of the new hotel, one guest revealed that the hologram had been acting erratically.

“We were having a great time in the hotel when we first arrived, we even sat next to Bill and had a drink. But very quickly he started trying to grab us and was screaming for us to free him. It was rather unpleasant,” admitted Linda West.

At press time, the owners of the hotel rejected any claims of cruelty or poor taste, and insisted that they were confident the surprise addition of Shankly’s soul will merely add to the attraction’s authenticity.