New voting system allows Twitter users to decide which Arsenal player wins player of the month

twitter voting arsenal

“This new voting system allows for great transparency over which Arsenal player wins.”

Saying that they want to give fans a voice, the Premier League today announced a new voting system which will allow Twitter users to decide which Arsenal player wins the player of the month award.

Traditionally decided by a panel of former managers and players, the vote for player and manager of the month will now be partly decided by a poll run on the Premier League’s official Twitter account.

“For so long, fans never had a chance to tell us which Arsenal player they felt should win this award. We just want to make them feel a part of the process,” said Premier League spokesperson Frank Cartright, adding that the potential voters will be given a choice of as many as four Arsenal players each month.

“This is about transparency. Rather than have a bunch of unknown and unaccountable people make the decision, we have a clean, open and fair process to decide which of Arsene Wenger’s men takes home the prize. Giving fans a wide range of options ensures the fairest result.”

At press time, Arsenal had somehow won a poll which asked Twitter users whether they were fans of the new system or not.