“Why can’t Kaepernick just focus on football?” asks man who set up petition about female Ghostbusters cast


“You’ve got to know, as a man, when to pick your battles,” said Thurnton of Colin Kaepernick.

Saying that the entire fiasco is simply distracting from the upcoming season, American football fan Chad Thurnton, who in May created a petition protesting the all-female Ghostbusters cast, has urged Colin Kaepernick to focus on his football.

Kaepernick, a quarterback with the San Francisco 49er, has recently come in for scrutiny after refusing to stand for the national anthem in protest against police brutality against minorities and inequality in America.

While many people have praised the 26-year-old for his willingness to speak out and the bravery of his stance, 35-year-old Bay Area native Thurnton expressed his belief that Kaepernick should “do his talking on the pitch”.

“You’ve got to know, as a man, when to pick your battles,” said the man who spent months of his life tweeting furiously about the latest Ghostbusters movie and sending abusive messages to the film’s female cast members. “Some things are worth fighting for, but sometimes you just need to know your place.”

“He’s paid to play football, not to talk,” added the man who is not paid to do anything.

At press time, Thurnton insisted that he has absolutely nothing against Kaepernick, and that he would feel the exact same way if LeBron James, Venus Williams or Simone Biles were in his position.