Jose Mourinho confident he and Pep Guardiola will find time to continue secret love affair after Manchester derby


“For me and my beautiful Pep these moments are rare,” said Mourinho of his and Guardiola’s secret love.

Saying that it’s foremost on his mind ahead of the biggest game of the season to date, Jose Mourinho today stated that he remains confident that he and Pep Guardiola will find the time to continue their secret love affair after the Manchester derby.

Speaking to close friends ahead of the Manchester derby, Mourinho revealed that he and Guardiola had already arranged to meet in a quiet back room in the stadium, where they will enjoy a bottle of red wine and order in some Wings takeaway food.

“For me and my beautiful Pep these moments are rare. When I reunited with him in Spain we saw each other quite often, but since I left Madrid it’s been hard. This is the whole reason we both moved to Manchester so it will be wonderful to hold him in my arms and continue this wonderful affair,” said the former Chelsea manager.

Discussing the disdain the two rivals show for each other in public, Mourinho insisted that the pretense of personal hatred merely keeps things interesting for them.

“If we were all over each other in the dug out it would be no fun. But by pretending we hate each other and barely acknowledging one another it makes the hidden glances and stolen touches all the more special,” said the Portuguese coach, adding that frequent questions regarding the animosity between the pair are much more preferable to constant probing about where they like to eat out or whether their competitive streaks cause friction in their home life.

At press time, Mourinho expressed annoyance at Guardiola’s public declaration that he’d drink a glass of i be with him after the match, claiming that it “ruins the allure”.