West Ham propose revolutionary safe sitting areas in stadium

safe sitting

West Ham United have proposed what they call a “revolutionary” safe sitting plan.

Saying that they owe it to their supporters to provide them with the safest and most enjoyable matchday experience, West Ham United today announced the introduction of new and revolutionary safe sitting areas in the club’s Olympic Stadium.

Set to be proposed on an initial trial basis, the areas – which officials have suggested will be for seated fans only – will be constructed to ensure safety for all of attendants in a number of tiered seats throughout the stadium.

“Safety is paramount for everyone at West Ham United,” said club vice-chairman Karren Brady. “We hope that the introduction of these designated seated areas will keep our fans and other clubs’ fans safe during matches.”

The idea, which proponents claim has been successful in almost every other football stadium on earth, will see approximately 30 rows, each containing 50 seats, placed in the stadium’s northeast corner.

The seats will reportedly be fixed to the ground.

In an official statement this afternoon, the club expressed their belief that the new system will allow families, children and other supporters of all ages to enjoy games without the threat of violence.

The statement read: “This may seem risky to those without knowledge of football, but we trust our fans to sit in seats without causing trouble of any kind. While the trial of the scheme will see it confined to certain areas, we eventually hope to roll it out to all areas of the stadium.”

Speaking in response to the statement, the Premier League tentatively backed the scheme, though reiterated its hope that the club will eventually push through its suggested “safe staying at home” plan.