Rangers blast “sickening” and “shameful” lack of sectarian hatred from their fans


Rangers have apologised to the football world for their sans’ “shameful” lack of sectarian hatred.

Apologising to the wider football world, Rangers today blasted what they called a “sickening” and “shameful” lack of sectarian hatred from their supporters at the recent Old Firm derby.

Criticising what he called a “minority of Rangers fans”, club chairman Dave King insisted that such behaviour was not representative of the majority of supporters, most of whom hate Catholics as much as Celtic fans hate Protestants.

“As a club we are embarrassed by what we didn’t see from our fans at the weekend. It was a shameful display and something which will investigate in the near future,” said King, adding that preliminary queries had failed to find a single effigy or sectarian abuse-laden sign in the possession of Rangers supporters.

“This goes against each of our traditions, so believe us when we say that punishment will be handed down to those responsible for this disgraceful and total lack of religiously incited hatred. They didn’t even burn any signs calling them ‘Fenian bastards’.”

Consultation will take place between the club’s board and supporters clubs, according to King, in a bid to ensure such behaviour isn’t repeated.

“We have written to each of the supporters clubs and will look to meet soon. They must be made aware that this sort of horrifying placidity will not tolerated under any circumstances.”

At press time, a Celtic spokesman issued a statement on the issue, admitting that the Parkhead club had expected significantly worse behaviour from their rivals.