Jamie Vardy bemoans “EU regulations” after customs stop him taking 20 packets of Smash on European trip


A worried Vardy showing Danny Drinkwater some of the ethnic cuisine on offer in Belgium.

A furious Jamie Vardy reportedly lashed out at what he called “ludicrous EU regulations” after being prevented from taking 20 packets of Smash during Leicester City’s most recent European trip to Belgium.

The former Fleetwood Town player told teammates that he had been accosted by airport staff after asking whether there would be a kettle on board the short-haul flight, staff who then disposed of all but four of the instant mashed potato packages.

“This is rubbish. Absolute rubbish. Bloody EU won’t let us have anything. First it’s the Smash, then they’ll be forcing us to eat halal, next thing you know we’ll be wearing burqas,” said the England international, apparently ignoring explanations from customs officials that there would be food provided on the short-haul flight, as well as the team’s hotel.

“Trigger Article 50, I say. Our civil liberties are being infringed more and more each day.”

At press time, panicked Leicester City staff and management were watching over Vardy, for fear that the England international would Google anything pertaining to the Muslim population in Belgium.