Jose Mourinho surprised how quickly he turned on players


“I was as surprised as all of you,” said Mourinho.

Admitting that he really hadn’t planned to do it so early in the season, Jose Mourinho today admitted that he was surprised at how little time it took him to turn on his Manchester United players.

Mourinho was speaking in reference to his decision to blame a number of players after his side’s 2-1 Manchester derby defeat to Manchester City, which prompted significant criticism from supporters and commentators.

Speaking to media today however Mourinho sought to defend himself, insisting that he was as surprised as anyone at having to resort to the tactic so early in his tenure at Old Trafford.

“It’s a shock to me. It really is. As soon as the words come out of my mouth I couldn’t believe it,” said the former Chelsea coach, adding that he’d assumed that he’d be able to resist throwing his players under the bus well into next season.

“Usually it takes me years to get to this stage of deflecting blame. At the very least, I start with the referee first. But to throw blame on them after four league games? I was genuinely shocked.”

At press time, Mourinho admitted that, given the pace with which events have developed, he’ll likely accuse the team of betraying him if they lose their next game.