Cristiano Ronaldo demands larger-sized pay cheques in light of Bale pay rise


Cristiano Ronaldo showing his new extra-large cheque to teammate Fabio Coentrao.

Saying that it’s the least he deserves as the club’s star player, Cristiano Ronaldo has reportedly demanded larger-sized pay cheques in light of Gareth Bale’s pay rise at Real Madrid.

Bale, who joined the club in 2013, has recently agreed a contract extension which sources say will see his wages reach the same level as his Portuguese teammate, at close to €300,000 per week.

Rather than react in anger, Ronaldo was reportedly happy to accept financial parity with Bale on the proviso that the club provide him with “significantly larger” pay cheques than his Welsh teammate.

“I have a lot of respect for Gareth, he is a wonderful player and he has grown into his role at the team, so I guess it’s okay that we have similar wages,” said the former Manchester United attacker, who also demanded that the enormous cheques be handed to him every week during training.

“If he’s getting the same amount of money as me, the least I expect is larger money and that he knows I’m getting larger money. We need to have some boundaries. I will not compromise.”

Sources at the club have revealed that despite Madrid no longer using cheques in their financial department, they were happy to make an exception for Ronaldo.

“We love Cristiano. If he wants a three and half foot check handed to him each week, then that’s his prerogative.”

At press time, the club confirmed that as part of the deal, Bale will receive increasingly small pay cheques up until the end of his contract.