Alan Pardew glad to have unbearable smugness somewhat justified again


Pardew admitted that it was a slight relief to have minor justification for his smugness again.

Saying that it always felt better to be an almighty asshole when things are going good, Alan Pardew today admitted that he’s glad to have his unbearable smugness somewhat justified again.

Speaking after his Crystal Palace side’s 4-1 victory against Stoke City – their second in a row – the former West Ham manager admitted that he feels a lot more comfortable acting superior to everyone he meets now that his side are back to winning ways.

“It goes without saying that I’m going to be a smug prick every day regardless of how things are going but I generally feel better about it when I’ve got at least a minor reason to act this way,” said Pardew, adding that he notices considerably fewer people cursing under their breath during day-to-day interactions when his Palace side aren’t going through one of the worst runs in their history.

“Of course, unless I win about ten World Cups it will never be wholly justified but I believe a manager of my talent should be able to achieve that feat rather easily.”