“Man Utd owe it to Rooney to at least try him in goal,” says Scholes


Scholes revealed that while Rooney has never played in goal he has plenty of experience of using his hands.

Saying that it’s the least the club can do for a player who has given so much for the cause, Paul Scholes has claimed that Manchester United owe it to captain Wayne Rooney to try him out as the club’s goalkeeper.

Rooney’s struggles up front and in midfield have led to growing criticism and calls by many for the England captain to be dropped, something Scholes feels would be counterproductive given his numerous qualities.

According to the former United midfielder, if Rooney is incapable of influencing play from midfield, Jose Mourinho has no choice but to allow him to replace David De Gea.

“Wayne has done it all at United and for me you have to play him wherever you can. If that means dropping Dave, then so be it,” said the pundit, adding that what Rooney lacks in even the most basic of goalkeeping skills, he makes up for in mentality.

“Yeah, De Gea has been the club’s best player for three consecutive seasons, but that’s no substitute for everything that Wayne’s done for the club.”

Addressing concerns that Rooney’s inclusion in goal may be more of a hindrance than a help, Scholes was effusive in his belief that his former teammate could prosper between the sticks.

“Wayne’s got natural talent, which more than makes up for not actually being a goalkeeper or ever having played in goal. I’ve seen him use his hands for years and believe me, whether it’s carrying a bag or driving his car, he’s a natural.”

At press time, Scholes rejected claims that De Gea should resist being replaced by Rooney, saying that if the Spaniard doesn’t relinquish his place then “he simply isn’t Manchester United material”.