Gary Neville bites off tongue when pressed to speak candidly on Wayne Rooney


“He was just sitting there staring at the Jurgen and Jamie while blood poured down his chin,” said a member of Sky Sports staff after Neville bit off his tongue.

In a scene which is said to have left onlookers shocked and disturbed, Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville reportedly bit his tongue from his mouth this evening when pressed to speak candidly on the form of Wayne Rooney.

The incident reportedly took place during rehearsals for Sky Sports’ Monday Night Football, with a casual conversation between Neville and co-host Jamie Carragher eventually leading to the topic of the Manchester United captain’s recent on-field struggles.

According to witnesses, a relaxed Neville visited the studios, only to freeze on the spot when asked what he truly thought of Rooney’s form, before grabbing the table in front of him and apparently severing his own tongue using his teeth.

“It was awful. They were all just there having a chat and a laugh and someone said, ‘C’mon Gary, tell me what you really think of Rooney. I know you can’t say what you think here on TV.’ Gary looked like he’d seen a ghost,” said show runner Kip Carhart, adding that blood began flooding from the former defender’s mouth almost immediately.

“He just sat there silently staring at Jamie while blood poured down his chin. There was so, so much blood.”

At press time, Neville had agreed to go to the hospital and be treated by medical staff on the proviso that he never has to answer such questions again.