Liverpool players warned to improve quality of their Snapchat after Sakho incident


“At least throw some stickers or filters on there,” said Klopp of his players’ Snapchat.

Liverpool players have been warned by the club over their behaviour on social media, with manager Jurgen Klopp urging his players to improve the quality of their Snapchat following Mamadou Sakho’s outburst on the platform.

Summoning his squad at their Melwood training ground, the German manager reportedly castigated a number of players, with a particular focus on the French centre-back who took to Snapchat on Sunday night in a display Klopp referred to as “disappointing”.

“Guys, I have been made aware of what Mamadou did at the weekend and the content of his social media posts. I have watched it forensically and I must admit I am disappointed,” the former Borussia Dortmund manager was quoted as saying, before adding that he had never seen such poor utilisation of the medium in his entire life.

“At least throw some stickers or filters on that thing. Be creative, use your imagination and for the love of God make sure you have good lighting. There are so many possibilities – impress me.”

At press time, Klopp confirmed that until Sakho could prove that he had learned his lesson, and provide a truly entertaining social media experience, he would likely remain out of the team.