Harry Redknapp begins taking bets on whether he’ll face punishment over Telegraph claims


“Honestly lads, you’d be fackin’ fools to miss out,” Harry Redknapp was quoted as saying.

Saying that it could go either way and people would be “bloody mad” to miss the chance to “have a flutter”, Harry Redknapp reportedly began taking bets today on whether he’ll face punishment over recent claims made by the Telegraph.

The publication, as part of its ongoing football corruption investigation, alleged that Redknapp failed in the past to report his players for betting on games they competed in.

It is against FA rules for players to bet on games in which they compete and managers are expected to report them in the event they find out, something Redknapp failed to do.

Speaking to friends and former colleagues today however, a relaxed-looking Redknapp admitted that the revelations represent a “golden opportunity” for a “nice little earner”.

“Honestly lads, you’d be fackin’ fools to miss out. I’ll give you 2-1 on me getting done, not a chance you’ll get better odds anywhere else,” the former Tottenham Hotspur coach was heard shouting down one of the several phones he’d installed in his spare room. “You never know what can happen, so you’d best hop on the 2-1 now.”

At press time, Redknapp had reportedly begun taking fresh bets on whether the Telegraph would accuse him of any further improprieties.