Lewis Hamilton left red-faced after forgetting the word “car” during post-race interview 


Hamilton was said to have forgotten the word “car” for close to 10 seconds during his interview.

In an incident described by the sport’s insiders as “any driver’s worst nightmare”, Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton was left red-faced after forgetting the word “car” during a post-race interview with media.

Speaking to journalists after a disappointing Malaysian Grand Prix which ended prematurely for the Mercedes driver due to engine failure, Hamilton reportedly froze under pressure when asked what had happened to his vehicle during the race.

“Well, it was quite simple. My, erm, the moving, the steel fast box – well it was just – yeah…..” the 31-year-old was reported as saying, before reportedly taking out his phone and Googling the word, before returning to the interview and attempting to play off the blunder.

“Look. It’s a car, we all know that and we always have. It’s a car and sometimes it has trouble, because it is what it is, you know?”

At press time, Hamilton sought to laugh off the claims, insisting that there would be no way he’d have forgotten the word, considering how good he is at turning “the direction circle”.