Embarrassed Robbie Savage admits he doesn’t know what an interview is 


“Why did I have to step out of my comfort zone,” said Savage, admitting his shame at not knowing what an interview is.

Saying that he was beginning to realise how big a hole he’d dug for himself, Robbie Savage admitted today that he doesn’t know what an interview is.

The BT Sport pundit and former Wales international had been the target of ridicule after claiming on social media platform Twitter that Ryan Giggs shouldn’t have to undergo an interview process to get a job, in what was a direct response to the former Man Utd man being overlooked for the Swansea City job.

After initially ignoring the hundreds of derogatory responses to his message, a red-faced Savage is said to have gathered friends together this evening and admitted to them that not only does he not know what an interview is, he never has and believes he likely never will.

“I thought I’d be able to send that tweet out, get my point across and that would be that,” said the former Blackburn Rovers midfielder, before pondering whether an interview was some kind of confectionery or dessert course of a meal. “Is it a type of tea maybe? Oh boy, I’ve made a tit of myself. I should have known better than to step out of my comfort zone.”

At press time, Savage was said to be considering using Twitter to publicly admit that perhaps Giggs should have to do an interview, providing his followers promised to not ask any followup questions.