“Rooney only poor if judged by standards of professional football,” says Jose Mourinho


“Compare him to the standards of a goat or some kind of veg and  he’s been pretty good,” said Mourinho.

Saying that it’s all relative and critics must broaden their scope of judgement, Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has defended the recent performances of his captain Wayne Rooney by stating that he can only be considered poor this season if judged by the standards of elite professional football.

Rooney has come in for criticism after what some have called “non-existent” displays during Manchester United’s start to the Premier League season, but his manager considers the negativity to be harsh.

“Yes, he hasn’t been great,” said the Portuguese manager today. “But if the standards that you’re comparing him to are the other players in the team, in the league and getting paid the same amount as him.”

Mourinho said that everything looks bad when compared to peers whose level you are expected to be on, and that sometimes a little perspective is needed on matters such as this. “For example, compared to say, his young children, I think it’s safe to say he was pretty good.”

The manager, currently in his first season at the club, knows that he must challenge for the title this season, but feels that unrealistic expectations on his captain don’t help.

“It’s a shame. People are getting on his back, saying that someone of his experience in the Premier League should have more of an influence,” added the former Chelsea coach.

“But the way I see it is that if you put that performance last night up against the performance of something like a goat or a type of vegetable in the same situation, he’s performed phenomenally.”

At press time, Mourinho further theorised that while we may never know how Rooney would compare to an amputee, he’d bet his captain would come out of it favourably.