Tim Sherwood pushes for new restrictions on foreign workers to be expanded to Premier League


Sherwood believes that football would benefit from the Conservative Party’s new measures.

Saying that it could be just what he needs to get back into top-level management, Tim Sherwood today pushed for Theresa May’s new restrictions on foreign workers to be expanded to apply to Premier League managers.

The new rules were announced at the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham, and will companies punished for not hiring indigenous workers, restrictions on the number of foreign workers, and a requirement for foreign students to speak English.

While the measures were labelled by many as racist, isolationist, short-sighted and counter-productive, Sherwood welcomed the news and spoke of his desire for them to be integrated into the country’s footballing system.

“I’m British and this is Great Britain,” said the former Tottenham Hotspur and Aston Villa coach. “Why should I miss out on a job just because a migrant has more qualifications and a better footballing education than me – an Englishman? It’s a disgrace. The people of this country have made it clear that they prioritise British-ness over acumen and I think we should respect their wishes.”

Sherwood revealed that he has the support of many footballing “experts” from England, including the likes of Richard Keys, Andy Gray and Ron Atkinson.

“I have nothing against foreigners – I’ve played with plenty of Irish and I’m sure I’ve met some Muslims – but this is the English Premier League, not the European Premier League. It’s just common sense.”

At press time, Sherwood laughed off claims that the measures would lower the quality of football, insisting that the likes of Nigel Adkins, John Gregory, Stuart Pearce and Phil Brown are more than a match for the likes of Klopp, Mourinho and Guardiola.