Outspoken racist, homophobe suspended from Twitter for posting Vine of Premier League match


“We strictly prohibit this kind of hideous and inappropriate behaviour,” said Twitter of the racist’s posting of copyrighted footage.

In a move described by the social media platform as “abhorrent and against its ethos”, an outspoken racist and homophobe was suspended from Twitter today for posting a Vine of a Premier League match.

The incident is believed to have taken place on September 29, with the Vine purporting to show a rabona cross from West Ham United’s Dimitri Payet, with Twitter technical staff suspending the user less than three minute later.

“We strictly prohibit this kind of hideous and inappropriate behaviour and do not condone it in any way,” said a Twitter spokesman today, referring to the user who had previously posted hundreds of thousands of graphically abusive racist, sexist and homophobic tweets on the site over the course of half a decade. “We’re intent on keeping this platform enjoyable for all users and we’re confident this suspension goes some way to doing that.”

At press time, Twitter granted the man permission to create a new account under the username @DeplorableBlackHater88, on the proviso that he doesn’t breach copyright regulations again.