Ryan Giggs dealt further blow after being overlooked to take care of friend’s dog


Giggs was left devastated after being overlooked to dog-sit for his friend’s dog, Charlemagne (pictured).

In a setback which is believed to have hit the former footballer’s confidence hard, Ryan Giggs suffered a further blow today after being overlooked to care of his friend’s dog, a pug named Charlemagne.

The former Manchester United player, who had previously been linked with the Swansea City job prior to the appointment of Bob Bradley, was reportedly left devastated after missing out on the opportunity to dog-sit for his close friend Peter Gibble, who departs his London home today for a week in San Sebastian.

According to sources with knowledge of the situation, Giggs missed out on the role of dog sitter due to what Gibble perceived as a lack of firsthand experience in taking care of dogs. The position eventually went to a mutual friend of the two, Brian Brady.

“Peter likes Ryan – we all do – and he’s a good fella. But he just doesn’t have the experience of taking care of someone’s dog like this. Brian actually has one and has owned many. It was a no-brainer,” said the unnamed source, adding that while Giggs has publicly pet dogs before, it simply doesn’t count for as much.

At press time, these claims were refuted by Giggs’ compatriot and current BT Sport pundit Robbie Savage, who insisted that his former Wales teammate’s knowledge that dogs exist should be enough for him to get the job.