Joey Barton hoping he can finish Scottish leg of book tour soon


“I’ve had a number of feuds in my short time here which have really helped spread the word,” said Barton of his book tour.

Saying that in terms of publicity it had really gone as well as could’ve been hoped, Joey Barton today revealed that he’s hoping to finish the Scottish leg of his book tour pretty soon.

The midfielder moved to Rangers from Burnley in the summer as part of a plan to create hype about his autobiography, which was released last month.

However, with impressive book sales thus far combined with numerous disciplinary problems at Ibrox, the 31-year-old believes that the time has come for him to return south and begin the next stage of his promotional activities.

“I’ve enjoyed myself in Scotland and in terms of getting the word out it’s been ideal. I’ve had a number of feuds in my short time here which have really helped spread the word,” said the former Manchester City player, adding that he’s confident a January move to an English club could be equally fruitful for shifting units.

“I still think I’m capable of playing for a Premier League club and starting some trouble there. Considering how much carnage I’ve caused here since July I really feel that I’m at the height of my powers right now.”

At press time, Barton admitted that – providing he can find a publisher and distributor abroad – he would also be open to the idea of playing in Europe.