“People keep looking for controversy from me,” says James McClean as he unveils beheaded Queen tattoo


“Some people just try and find trouble even when there is none,” said McClean one day after getting his latest tattoo.

Admitting that it’s hard to shake the thought that he’s being scapegoated for everything he does, James McClean today revealed that he feels people seek controversy from him, mere moments after unveiling his latest tattoo depicting a portrait of a beheaded Queen Elizabeth II.

“It just feels like wherever I go, no matter what I do, people will figure out something to complain about, you know? I’m just a young fella with my own beliefs and that’s it,” said the Ireland international one day after having his calf covered in a large silhouette of the reigning 90-year-old monarch’s severed head, accompanied by a dangling spinal chord and dark red eyes. “Some people just try and find trouble even when there is none.”

At press time, McClean was reportedly rubbing soothing lotion on the still-raw permanent illustration while theorising what aspect of his life his critics will choose to pounce on next.