“Gary Lineker has no respect for my terrified, insular and fragile idea of Britain,” says racist


“Britain’s troops did not fight for the rights of persecuted people facing the forces of growing fascism.”

Saying that he was disgusted at the unpatriotic behaviour of the former England international, a weird little racist today admonished Gary Lineker for showing a total lack of respect for his terrified, insular and fragile idea of Britain.

Speaking in response of the Match of the Day host’s ardent defence of refugees in Britain, many of whom have been subject to abuse and derision online, Phil Stirrup – a self-described “Brexiter” and “warrior against white genocide” – stated that Lineker’s comments showed just how little he cares about the bitter, paranoid and reactionary version of Britain that he and like-minded people yearn for.

“I used to like Gary, I have to admit it. But this just shows how out of touch he really is. He’s played for this country and we pay his bloody wages at BBC, yet he still has the balls to betray me and every other monarch-loving, migrant-hating and progress-fearing patriot in this great country,” said the 32-year-old hardware store manager, adding that the BBC should be ashamed to have such a compassionate, open-minded and decent person on its books.

“True heroes have fought for this country. They fought for my freedom to be suspicious of any and all change, as well as those with different skin tones, not for the rights of persecuted people facing the forces of growing fascism. This is my petrified, exclusive and perverse notion of this land, and I’ll be damned if he tries to open that notion up to outward thinking.”

At press time, Stirrup expressed hope that in future Lineker would use his position to do something more noble, such as ignoring the pertinent issues and keep his mouth shut.