“I won’t consider Pogba top class until he cuts out the hip-hop flamboyance and I get over my inherent racism,” says journalist


“Until he stops the flamboyance and I grow beyond my years-long racism I simply won’t rate him highly,” said Dingle.

Saying that the midfielder must concentrate on his football and that years of looking at black people negatively have warped his view of people of colour, a journalist for The Sun today claimed that he won’t consider Paul Pogba a top class footballer until the player cuts out the “hip-hop flamboyance” and he gets over his inherent racism.

Speaking after the midfielder celebrated his most recent goals with yet another dancing celebration, writer Dom Dingle insisted that while the midfielder is undoubtedly talented, he must tone down the braggadocio and give Dingle time to come to terms with a successful and handsome black man before he can be rated among the game’s top players.

“This is the Premier League, not some underground dance party for thugs. He has to knuckle down and stop acting the way he does. I personally won’t rate him until he cuts it out and until I begin looking at him as a human being rather than a representative of a culture which I both fear and loathe,” said Dingle, adding that Pogba’s jovial attitude was a mockery for all that the game stands for and to all the people who quietly hate everyone who isn’t white.

“He should be more humble and have a bit of class. Maybe then we can look at him as a footballer and not some guy who I would irrationally lock my car if I saw on the street.”

At press time, Dingle added that Pogba’s behaviour was an insult at a time when people suffer all over the world, but stopped short of saying that those people should be helped in any way.