David Moyes as surprised as anyone that he not biggest problem at Sunderland


“We have a lot of problems at Sunderland, and me being manager is like fourth on the list.”

Stating that he really doesn’t know what to think about such an unusual turn of events, Sunderland manager David Moyes today admitted that he’s as surprised as anyone that he’s not the biggest problem at the Stadium of Light.

Speaking after the club continued their abysmal start to the Premier League season, the former Everton coach revealed that while he expected the club to struggle, he figured that it would be almost entirely his fault, something which doesn’t appear to be the case thus far.

“I’m shocked to be honest. There’s a whole host of issues here at Sunderland, and frankly, me being the manager is at most the fourth biggest problem we have,” said the Scot, adding that he’s still adjusting to the fact that, without him, the club might actually be doing worse somehow. “I can’t even remember the last time I had to stare in the mirror and call myself worthless. At [Manchester] United I literally did that every day.”

“The players, the coaches, the spirit, the budget, the recruitment; it’s all actually worse than me right now. Which is a bit of a jolt to the system.”

At press time, Moyes stated that he would make the most of the current situation while it persists, admitting that he was well aware that he will likely become the club’s biggest handicap as the season goes on.