Jose Mourinho refusing to get down from hotel roof until he gets to live with his family


Mourinho is believed to have been on the roof of the Lowry Hotel since last night.

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho is reportedly refusing to get down from the roof of the hotel at which he is staying until he gets to live with his wife and children again.

The Portuguese coach has spoken in recent days of his anger and exasperation at living in the hotel since taking over at the club, describing his life in Manchester as a “disaster”.

Despite assurances that a home would be found for him soon, witnesses in central Manchester say the former Chelsea coach felt it necessary to take “destiny into [his] hands”.

“Jose was due to meet friends for dinner last night but when we called his room there was no answer. When we went into his room there was just a note saying ‘JUSTICE FOR JOSE’,” said one unnamed member of hotel staff, who claimed that the coach found his way onto the roof using a maintenance ladder.

“He’s just been up there in that Batman costume shouting and pumping his fists,” added one witness, who revealed that she had heard the occasional scream of “second-class citizen” from the 53-year-old. “The poor guy. He just wants his family back.”

At press time, Mourinho had reportedly taken out a speaker phone and was listing all the injustices he had faced in his life in chronological order.