Man who charges foreign Man Utd fans for trip to pub on match day just wants to show them genuine scammer experience


Hoover has defended his business, saying that all fans deserve to go through the authentic scammer experience at least once.

Saying that everyone should know what it feels like at least once in their life, Stan Hoover, who is part of an endeavour which charges foreign Manchester United fans for trips to pubs near Old Trafford, has defended the practice and insisted that he just wants to show them the genuine match day scammer experience.

Rejecting claims that he is ripping tourists off by charging them £20 each to drink with him in a pub or attending a free museum, Hoover said that he was simply allowing them to feel the authenticity of being fleeced at a match.

“All of us get swindled from time to time, but these fans are only over here once every few years so they don’t get the opportunity. This little racket of mine simply offers them to chance to feel exactly what it’s like to be robbed in broad daylight by a chancer,” said Hoover, adding that his service also includes an utter refusal to answer any phone calls from angry tourists, just to cap the whole thing off.