Fresh shame for Gary Lineker as Daily Mail claims he once killed fly


According to the Daily Mail, Lineker’s compassion for life may not extend to insects like the fly.

Match of the Day host Gary Lineker was at the centre of fresh controversy today after the Daily Mail claimed in an exclusive article that the former England international once killed a fly.

According to the publication, Lineker, who has been a vocal proponent of refugees in the face of intense xenophobia and scrutiny across Britain, disposed of the fly after it repeatedly flew around his head last month.

“We all know very well that Mr. Lineker doesn’t come down from his elitist ivory tower very often, that much is undeniable. But when he does it appears it’s only to rid the world of poor defenceless flies. Yet he has the temerity to lecture us about how we should treat living beings?” read the 2,000-word article, suggesting that Lineker’s compassion for living things clearly doesn’t extend to “our winged friends”.

“Despite the London resident’s holier than thou public image and his many left-wing friends, it seems that the former Leicester City striker barely hesitated when disposing of the tiny insect – believed to have been a mother to more than 500 larvae – taking it out with a mere swipe of his hand and little thought of guilt.”

Additionally, the Mail claims that this may not have been the first time that Lineker has unceremoniously taken the life of an insect.

“Our sources say that this leftie luvvie has a long history of sordid acts like this, dating as far back to his childhood, when he reportedly swatted a bee – which are increasingly endangered – with a newspaper. Can we really take this man seriously when we know what he has done?”

At press time, the Mail’s editor Paul Dacre revealed in an op-ed today that the newspaper would be more than happy to forgive Lineker if he was willing to refer to certain groups of people as insects, rather than kill actual ones.