Arsene Wenger reveals he knew Trump would become president years ago


“Even back then, it was obvious to me he would become president,” admitted Wenger.

Saying that his presidential attributes were obvious even back then, Arsene Wenger today revealed that he knew Donald Trump was going to be elected as president of the United States years ago.

Speaking just hours after the Republican Party candidate secured a stunning victory over Hillary Clinton, the Arsenal manager stated that while many were shocked by the result, he had seen it coming.

“A lot of people are surprised but for me it is no less than I would expect. Even long ago, when he was just on television, I was aware that he would become president of the United States,” said the Frenchman in a press conference today, adding that he was capable of seeing Trump’s leadership qualities despite being little more than a wealthy reality television star. “It is a different level, certainly, but I could tell when he was shouting at all those people across a conference room that he would one day be leader of the free world.”

Additionally, Wenger admitted that while he tried to convince others that Trump would eventually claim victory after a populist campaign, they had little faith.

“I told them, I said ‘He will be big one day, believe me’. I told them to keep an eye on him but they doubted me.”

At press time, Wenger also revealed that he is fully aware of what will occur during Trump’s presidency, but that he will withhold from disclosing it until a later date.