“Not to make things worse, but it’s international week now,” FIFA reminds everyone 


FIFA revealed they felt it better to remind people of international week now rather than let it hit them later.

Saying that they felt bad but that they would be remiss to not say something, FIFA has apologised for potentially making things worse today by reminding everyone that it’s international week now.

Tentatively releasing a statement while much of the world attempts to absorb the news of Donald Trump’s election as president of the United States, the Zurich-based organisation apologised but said there was little they could do now.

“Look, we feel awful about this and honestly, we’d love more than anyone to just forget everything for a while by watching some domestic football, but we can’t cancel it now. Everything’s already organised and ready to go,” read a statement, with FIFA adding that they had decided to remind people rather than allow it to hit everyone out of the blue at the weekend.

“Hey, it might not be as bad as we think. And remember, no one is forcing you to watch. We just didn’t want you all to get a huge shock when you sit down to watch your favourite team’s later in the week.”

At press time, FIFA also reminded fans to look on the bright side, suggesting that given the increased potential for geopolitical strife, this could well be the last round of international matches for a long time.