Jose Mourinho grateful to get chance to abuse Luke Shaw one-to-one during international break


Mourinho has welcomed the chance to abuse Shaw on an individual basis while the rest of the squad are on international duty.

Saying that as a manager you rarely get to avail of such an opportunity, Jose Mourinho today expressed his gratitude at getting the chance to abuse Luke Shaw one-on-one during the recent international break.

Speaking ahead of his Manchester United side’s return to Premier League action against Arsenal, the Portuguese spoke of his happiness at getting to demoralise and belittle Shaw on a more personal level, after the left-back was overlooked for selection to the England squad for its recent World Cup qualifiers.

“Of course, I give Luke Shaw abuse all of the time. But most of the time it is when he is around all the other players, so the effect can often be diluted. As such, it’s a real luxury to get some one-on-one time with him and really rip him apart verbally and psychologically,” said the former Chelsea coach, adding that Shaw’s consistent frowning and occasional weeping had already proven the effectiveness of the exercise.

“Certain players obviously react differently to others but I’ve been impressed with Luke’s reaction. He seems terrified of me now and his willingness to act on instinct and explore his individuality are already nearly gone so it has been good.”

At press time, Mourinho was sending Shaw messages of discouragement in a bid to ensure that the effects of their private sessions don’t wear off.