Angry Paul Scholes rejects assumption his birthday is a happy one


Scholes hit out at well-wishers for the implication that his birthday should be happy.

Cursing well-wishers for “jumping the gun” and “getting ahead of themselves”, an angry Paul Scholes today rejected assumptions that his birthday is a happy one.

The former Manchester United midfielder turns 42 today but, after being inundated with congratulatory messages, reacted with annoyance at the implication that he should automatically be in a jovial mood.

“Who the bloody ‘ell are they to tell me that my birthday is happy? It’s just a normal, boring day. Nothing particularly special about it,” said the BT Sport pundit to family members during a small gathering today. “Like any stupid day, it could be good or it could be bad. You can’t just assume it’s going to be happy.”

Additionally, the Salford man hit out at the very concept of celebrating birthdays at all, deeming them ” a waste of bloody time”.

“Why should you or anyone be treated nicer just because you were born on a certain day? You didn’t do anything to deserve it so why should you expect anything?”

At press time, Scholes was at pains to defend former teammate Wayne Rooney’s right to celebrate his birthday, insisting that the Manchester United captain had earned the right to do so.