Ethical new sport website promises to only steal content from sex offenders


New website SPLORFT has vowed to only steal content from sex offenders.

In a move which they hope will change the way content aggregators are judged, a new ethical sport website has promised to only steal content from sex offenders.

Launched today in central London, SPLORFT has vowed to “revolutionise the way sports media is presented” by specifically taking unattributed content from only the worst members of society.

“The model used by most of our predecessors is extremely outdated and has unfortunately run its course. This social media generation are no longer happy with having their funny and time-consuming posts copy and pasted by websites such as ours. Young people today work hard, want to have fun and haven’t committed sex crimes; they don’t deserve to have their content stolen. But sex offenders? That’s a different story,” read SPLORFT’s mission statement, released to media outlets today.

“No one listens to sex offenders when they complain about anything. But that doesn’t mean their sports banter isn’t worth stealing and presenting as our own. So, using our algorithm, we realised that we could easily steal posts, photos and videos pertaining to sport from all kinds of sex offenders without any caring whatsoever.”

At press time, SPLORFT announced that, depending on the success of their venture, they may expand to including posts stolen from racists and misogynists.