Steven Gerrard says he’ll never forget all the good restaurants LA Galaxy teammates recommended to him


“Without them I may have struggled to find any good restaurants at all.”

Saying that he’ll be forever grateful for the manner in which they welcomed him to the Los Angeles culinary scene, Steven Gerrard today thanked his LA Galaxy teammates for all the good restaurants they recommended to him during his time at the club.

The former Liverpool captain confirmed this week that he will leave MLS after one ultimately unsuccessful season, though one he insists would have been much tougher and significantly less delicious had it not been for his teammates’ generous suggestions.

“I couldn’t have done it without them. Sure, I might have found them eventually but I’ve got a young family and I wouldn’t want to be walking around all day. At Liverpool I knew all the restaurants so well so it was a culture shock coming here and not knowing any of them. Thanks to all the lads on the team we were able to eat truly wonderful meals, ones I won’t be forgetting any time soon,” said Gerrard, adding that while he had been skeptical about the quality of American food prior to his move, it won him over in the end.

“You hear of players moving to new clubs and they really struggle to find places they like to eat but the lads made sure that wasn’t the case.”

At press time, the Liverpudlian’s group text message, offering to show his former teammates around Liverpool any time they wanted, had yet to receive a reply.