Royal Family to become Red Bull Royal Family after signing four-year sponsorship deal


Queen Elizabeth II modelling the Red Bull Royal Family’s new Nike manufactured kit.

In a move described by observers as unprecedented and potentially game changing, the British Royal Family is set to be renamed the Red Bull Royal Family after signing a four-year sponsorship deal with the energy drink brand.

The deal, the details of which have been leaked to media tonight, will see the Royal Family’s name changed from January 1 onward as Britain’s ruling monarchy seek to cover costs incurred by a required makeover of Buckingham Palace.

Initial plans for the British government to supply the funds were changed after a public outcry.

Under the rules of the agreement – which follows similar deals with football clubs in Austria, Germany and the United States – Red Bull’s logo will adorn all clothing worn by the Royal Family, as part of a separate contract which will also see American sportswear manufacturer Nike become the official apparel supplier of the Crown.

Additionally, all medals awarded by the Royal Family, including MBEs and OBEs, will be redesigned in the shape of the Red Bull logo, and will be redeemable for a free can of Red Bull at all participating Texaco service stations.

The brunt of the £600 million sponsorship will however go towards the naming rights of Buckingham Palace, which from January 1 will be known as the Red Bull Palace Experience.

In a statement today, Queen Elizabeth II welcomed the deal: “Red Bull are a wonderful and well-regarded brand who share the Royal Family’s values concerning world domination and people not knowing where all of our money comes from or what we do exactly. One looks forward to giving you all wings.”