Jamie Redknapp learns new word


Colleagues of Redknapp revealed that he has been noticeably chirpier since learning a new word.

Citing the satisfied smile on his face and his increasingly confident walk in recent days, colleagues of Jamie Redknapp reported today that the Sky Sports pundit appears to have learned a new word.

Speaking backstage in Sky Sports’ London studios, staff noted how the generally delightful Redknapp had grown even more affable due to his etymological development.

“At first we thought he had gotten some good news or something because he has been in wonderful form for a few days,” said one member of Sky Sports’ production team, who revealed that it quickly became apparent what was happening when the former Liverpool footballer began to use the word “rudimentary” in literally every sentence.

“Everyone noticed it as soon as he opened his mouth; he’s sticking it in everywhere. We’re happy that he’s happy but to be honest, it’s not even that complicated or obscure, so it’s odd. Still, he has been saying how he wants to ‘speak more good’ lately so I guess we should be pleased for him.”

At press time, colleagues were reportedly considering whether or not they should consult Redknapp on how to actually use the word correctly.