Daily Mail angry England stars went to strip club instead of just reading their sidebar


The Daily Mail article in which they criticised two England players for attending a strip club.

The Daily Mail has defended its vocal criticism of England stars Adam Lallana and Jordan Henderson, revealing that they pushed ahead with the publication of the articles out of anger that the footballers had visited a strip club instead of simply reading the sidebar on their website.

The website was vociferous in its shaming of the two international footballers, and was later condemned for interfering in the lives of two private citizens.

However, speaking out in response to the furore, a spokesman for the Daily Mail admitted they have nothing against the two Liverpool players, and that the news site’s staff was simply jealous that they had chosen to visit a lap dancing establishment instead of perusing the hundreds of photos scantily-clad women located on the right-hand side of each page.

“Did we take it a little bit too far with our abuse of the two players? Possibly. They’re grown men and they were visiting a premises where women are actually paid money to undress rather than have their photos taken without their permission, but we just felt a little upset,” said spokesman Jan Goober, adding that the Mail’s sidebar has long been a source of pride and that the players’ rejection of it was an insult to staff and the women featured.

“How do you think these poor, scantily-clad women would feel to know that two footballers went to a strip club rather than look at pictures of them taken while they were on holiday with their family and friends? I dread to think.”

At press time, the Daily Mail’s deputy editor Gerard Greaves was deciding whether to add another expose regarding the players to their website front page, or keep the current story about Kim Kardashian’s nipples.