Gareth Southgate confident he the right man to lead nation toward next disappointment 


Southgate stated that while his failure might be less spectacular than others, he’s ready to usher in a new era of disappointment.

Gareth Southgate today staked his claim for the England national team job, expressing his confidence that he is the right man to lead the country toward its next disappointment.

The former Aston Villa and Middlesbrough defender is expected to be named as the country’s new coach by the end of the month after a mixed spell as interim manager, though question marks remain over his ability to manage at the highest level of international football.

Speaking to media today however, the 46-year-old laughed off claims he’s unqualified, and insisted that he is more than capable of guiding his squad and the country of England into a whole new era of mediocrity and anguish.

“I know that some people question my credentials but I have the experience. Not only have I seen England fail in the past but I have actually been personally responsible for it. I know I’m more than capable of passing that knowledge onto my players,” said the former under-21 manager, adding that he doesn’t believe his relatively low profile will get in the way of his and the country’s failure.

“I might not be Eriksson or Capello, but that doesn’t mean anything to me. My failure might not be quite as spectacular as other more flashy managers but I’ll get it done. People seem to forget, but we’ve got a lot of big names and Premier League-quality players in the squad, so we’re ready made for unrealistic expectations and soul-crushing disappointment.”