West Ham fan pleased with decision to watch angry fella in nearby seat rather than team this season


Ramsgate (pictured) admitted that the angry fan in seat 42B has provided more entertainment than West Ham this season.

Saying that each passing game had further vindicated his choice, a West Ham season ticket holder today admitted that he is more than pleased with his decision to watch the increasingly angry man in a nearby seat this season rather than the team he supports.

Speaking after yet another defeat for Slaven Bilic’s team in what has been a hugely disappointing season, 29-year-old Brett Ramsgate revealed that he has gained significantly more satisfaction from the furious antics of his unnamed fellow fan in seat 42B than anything the team has done on the pitch so far.

“I first made the choice after our initial home games – they were a disaster – and I kept having my attention drawn from the football to this really violent guy,” said Ramsgate, adding that the angry middle-aged man has already proven himself to be not only more consistent, but also more entertaining than last season’s seventh place side.

“It’s not just the shouting; he’s pushed people and thrown punches. This week he rolled up a newspaper and kept jabbing some poor lad in the face with it. He’s an absolute star and a joy to watch.”

At press time, Ramsgate was reportedly smiling to himself as he daydreamed about meeting and being punched by his new hero.