Southgate labelled bullshit merchant who doesn’t know what he’s doing for “red, white and blue” plan to win World Cup

southgate red-white-blue

“He just put a load of words together that mean absolutely nothing,” said one critic of Southgate.

England manager Gareth Southgate has been labelled a bullshit merchant who doesn’t know what he’s doing after saying that he has a “red, white and blue” plan for England to win the next World Cup.

Southgate’s comments came in response to questions by journalists over what his ambitions are in his new post, which he answered by saying that he wants to win the World Cup.

When asked to elaborate on how he plans to do so, the former Middlesbrough manager stated that he has a “red, white and blue” plan to do so.

His statement immediately provoked the ire of the English public, who said that the ambiguity of his plan laid bare the lack of credentials of someone who is only in the job because of the sudden departure of his predecessor.

“He has proudly made this great claim yet when we ask him even the most basic of questions to back that claim up, he just spits out a load of words that mean absolutely nothing. We should expect more from our national team manager,” said one journalist in attendance, adding that Southgate’s claim was the biggest shambles in British sport since England’s exit from the European Championship during the summer.

At press time, Southgate received some much-needed support on the issue, with British prime minister Theresa May describing his plan as “well thought out” before adding that Southgate is “definitely not out of his depth”.