Cruel Claudio Ranieri to let Leicester City players eat if they return to winning ways


Ranieri has reportedly sought to motivate his players by telling them they can eat if they return to form.

The increasingly cruel Claudio Ranieri has reportedly extended an olive branch to his Leicester City players and offered to allow them to eat if they find a way to return to winning ways.

Last season’s Premier League champions find themselves in 16th place in the league table this campaign, and despite topping their Champions League group finished the stage with an emphatic 5-0 away defeat to FC Porto.

Eager to change his side’s form ahead of a potentially crucial period of the season, Ranieri is said to have proposed a deal to his out of form squad, promising to allow them to eat for the first time in weeks if they can successfully win back-to-back games.

“We are not in a good moment right now. We are performing poorly and need to return to winning ways. As such, if my men can win two games in succession, I have vowed to treat them to a meal of human food,” said the Italian coach, adding that he had been inspired by the success of last season’s offer to give the players pizza as a reward for keeping a clean sheet.

“People may say it is luxurious, but I’m willing to meet them in the middle in a bid to improve. I am not a cruel man, and I will allow them to have more than their current diet of nutrition paste and water if they improve.”

At press time, Ranieri suggested that he also may attempt to motivate his players by offering them the chance to see their families for an hour on Christmas Day.