Turkish clubs announce intention to sign every single out-of-favour Premier League player

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Turkish clubs expressed interest in any players who joined English clubs amid fanfare, only to fail to live up to expectations.

Saying that they would be foolish to not at least examine the possibility of signing them, top Turkish clubs today expressed interest in every single out-of-favour player in the Premier League.

Speaking ahead of the opening of the transfer window, sources revealed to media that the numerous Turkish giants have made tentative contact with at least 175 players currently struggling to establish themselves at their respective clubs.

“Though we are of course unable to comment specifically on any particular player, we would be remiss to disregard the possibility of signing all footballers currently unable to break into Premier League sides,” said one official representing the likes of Galatasaray, Besiktas and Fenerbahce, adding that they would particularly like to purchase any players who joined their English clubs amid much fanfare, only to fail to live up to expectations.

“While these players aren’t having the impact they would like to due to injury problems, disciplinary issues or simply struggling to settle in, we have little doubt that they would be able to add something to our squad.”

At press time, reports in the Turkish media revealed that though the Turkish clubs remain confident over the acquisitions, they face competition from every single Chinese club in existence.